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Portable Field Viscometer: PDVdi-120

A New Instrument for the Rapid and Accurate Determination of the Viscous Properties of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluids Including De-/Anti-icing Fluids

The PDVdi-120 Portable Field Viscometer is a revolutionary, portable, efficient, alternatives to larger full-featured laboratory viscometers.  The PDVdi-120 is simple to use, accurate, low-cost, compact, and lightweight field viscometer that can be taken anywhere to measure the viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The PDVdi-120  combines economy, ease of operation, accuracy, reliability, and versatility. High quality of instrument guarantees reliable performance for a long life. 

The new PDVdi-120 Portable Field Viscometer consists of a viscometer main body with a reusable syringe (tube) and a falling needle attached to an extension bar with two markings. The viscosity of the sample is determined by measuring the falling time of a needle through a predetermined distance (between two markings on the extension bar attached to the needle) within the fluids held in the reusable syringe. The falling time can be measured manually by a stopwatch. The viscometer includes a viscometer main body with two reusable syringes, a falling needle, a stopwatch, a digital thermometer, an instruction manual and a carrying case.

Key Features

  • Field Viscosity Test
  • Measures Absolute Viscosity without Instrument Calibration
  • Multiple Measurements with Single Sample
  • Extremely Simple and Easy Operation
  • Quick Measurement with Immediate Result
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance (Reusable Syringe and Large Needle)
  • Accurate and Reproducible Result
  • Inexpensive Non-Newtonian Viscosity Measurement
  • Conforms to SAE AIR 5704 and ASTM D 5478



Adhesives, Aerosols, Automobile Fluids (Coolant, Engine Oil), Biomaterials, Coal Slurries, Coatings, Colloids, Cosmetics, Creams, Dairy Products, Detergents, De-/Anti-icing Fluids, Dispersions, Emulsions, Fertilizers, Foams, Fuels, Gels, Grease, Honey, Inks, Ketchup, Latex, Lubricants, Mayonnaise, Milk, Oils, Ointments, Paints, Petroleum, Polymers, Proteins, Pulp, Resins, Shampoos, Slurries, Soaps, Solutions, Surfactants, Suspensions, Varnish and many more.

Viscosity Range 2 to 106 cP(mPa s)*
Temperature Range Room*
Accuracy & Repeatability Better than 2%
Test Sample Volume Approx. 25 cm3*
Needle Material Metal (Al, Ti, S.S.)
Needle Densities 2.916 g/cm3*
Total Instrument Weight 0.38 kg (0.83 lbs)
* Outside this range, consult SBS
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