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The latest news from the Stony Brook Scientific Ltd. press room and recent media coverage.
July. 27,  2007 SAE Aerospace International
Adoption of PDVdi-120 Portable Field Viscometer as the standard testing method (AIR5704) for "Field Viscosity Test for Thickened Aircraft Anti-icing Fluids".


Aug. 22-27,  2004 14th International Congress on  Rheology
Analyses of DNA Damage Induced by Fenton Reaction and Phenolic Compounds by Using a Novel Falling Needle Viscometric Assay.


Oct. 12-16,  2003 75th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology
Quantification and characterization of DNA damage induced by the Fenton reaction and pyrogallol using a novel viscometric assay.


June 2003 American Lab News
A versatile falling needle viscometer to measure various physical properties of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.


June 2002 American Lab News
Thermophysical property measurements of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids.


July 8-12,  2001 3rd Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology
Time Interval Measurements of Highly Viscoelastic Fluids with the Controlled/ Falling Needle Viscometer.


June 2001 American Lab News
Application of the Falling Needle Viscometer.


Aug. 20-25, 2000 13th International Congress of Rheology
An alternative method of simultaneously measuring viscosity and density of Newtonian and power-law fluids using the falling needle viscometer.


June 2000 American Lab. News
Measurement of Various Physical Constants of Newtonian and non-Newtonian Fluids with the Falling Needle Viscometer.


June 19-21, 2000 13th International Symposium on Polymer Analysis and Characterization
Characterization of Polymers with the Falling Needle Viscometer.


May 18-19, 2000 43rd Annual Technical Symposium, Waterborne Coatings: Sink or Swim
Measurement of Various Physical Constants of the Waterborne Coatings with the Falling Needle Viscometer.



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